Quinta da Boeira


The Quinta da Boeira Visitors Centre is a venue with unique characteristics allowing time travelling.

With an open store to the public, at Rua Teixeira Lopes, 170, Vila Nova de Gaia, it offers the possibility to taste own production wines while visiting the exhibition featuring ships and galleons replicas from the 15th and 16th centuries. There are 23 replicas of historical ships from the Age of Discovery. These true works of art - among them several galleys, a ship of the armada to India, another ship of the armada do the East, a galleon of the armada to Brazil, all of them from the 16th century and that travelled the world in the Age of Discovery - replicate to the last detail the original ones offering a remarkable and unforgettable experience. The exhibition also includes the frigate "Queen of Portugal" from the 19th century.

The location is also available for holding group events. Please contact eventos@quintadaboeira.pt

Visitor Centre opening hours:

  • Tuesday to Saturday

  • From 10 am to 18 pm

Visitor Center address:

  • Rua Teixeira Lopes 170   4400-320 Vila Nova de Gaia