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    Boeira Club


The Boeira Club was created for you, lover of the world of wine!
Quinta da Boeira over the past few years has held several events in the area of wines in Portugal and abroad, which have been attended by experts and professionals in the field of Wines. At the Club we intend to open our events to the Wine Lovers who like to know the history, the process of creation and all the involvement in the World of Wines.


As a Club Member you have access to special conditions in Wines and experiences in the World of Wines:
  • Special conditions at the Quinta da Boeira Wine Shop
  • Access to exclusive campaigns for wines and other products marketed by Quinta da Boeira
  • Special conditions in catering and rental of spaces in Quinta da Boeira - Arte e Cultura, Lda.
  • Participation in unique experiences in the area of Wines - wine tasting, visits to wine regions and local national and international producers, participation in the wine production process throughout the year (harvest, etc.), participation in Quinta da Boeira's international events to promote Portuguese wines and other events in the area of Wines with special conditions for members.


  • Membership is free and subject to approval by Quinta da Boeira
  • The statutes of the Club are as set out below
  • By joining the Club you consent to the Statutes and the sending of Club information by email


1 - Objet

The purpose of this document is to regulate the activity of the Boeira Club, created and organised by Quinta da Boeira - Arte e Cultura, Lda. (Quinta da Boeira), whose object is the promotion and dissemination of its brands and products.

2 - Ativities

In the pursuit of its objectives the Club will organise parties, receptions, banquets, tastings, competitions, conferences, training sessions, cultural outings and other events in favour of the wines and the Quinta da Boeira brand, as well as strengthening the ties between its members..

3 – Members

a) All adults may apply to the Management of Quinta da Boeira for membership.

b) The application for admission should be made through a member's proposal, with the Management of Quinta da Boeira reserving the right of admission.

c) Membership of the Club only becomes effective with the approval of the Quinta da Boeira Management and with the delivery of the form duly completed and signed by the member.

4 – Fee

Membership of the Club is not subject to the payment of a membership fee.

5 – Rights of Members

The rights of members are:

a) To receive a copy of these Regulations;

b) To propose candidates for membership;

c) To take part in events organised by the Club, on payment of an amount to be determined by the Quinta da Boeira Management;

d) Use the Quinta da Boeira facilities for private events, on payment of an amount to be determined by Quinta da Boeira Management;

e) Enjoy discounts on the purchase of goods and services which may be agreed between Quinta da Boeira and its partners;

f) Be informed of discounts to which they are entitled and which may be agreed between the Quinta da Boeira Management and its partners.

6 – Members' duties

Members have the following duties:

a) Comply with these Regulations, as well as the instructions/decisions that may be taken by the Management of Quinta da Boeira regarding the operation of the Club;

b) Pay in due time the amounts determined by Quinta da Boeira Management for the events in which the member wishes to participate;

c) Identify themselves as members whenever they wish to exercise their rights and when requested to do so by a competent person; 

d) To collaborate with the Club in any way requested in the pursuit of its aims;

e) Keep their contacts up to date.

7 – Management and Organisation of the Club

a) The management and organisation of the Club is the responsibility of the Quinta da Boeira Management, which has the duty of promoting and developing all the activities that constitute the aims of the Club, as provided for in paragraph 1 of these Regulations;

b) The Management of Quinta da Boeira reserves the right, at any time, to cancel the registration of any member whose conduct jeopardises the achievement of the Club's aims;

c) The decision referred to in the previous paragraph is final, without the right to a hearing and/or the possibility of a complaint or appeal, determining the exclusion of the member from the Club;

d)  The Management of Quinta da Boeira may amend, at its own discretion, the present Regulations;

e) Amendments to these Regulations shall be made known to the members through publication on the Quinta da Boeira site;

f) Information regarding the Club's activity, in particular regarding events and partnerships, as well as the terms and conditions of their participation, will be disclosed to members by email.